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That version is the git commit id so it is useful to everybody. Should you encounter problems , you can revert like DougieLawson explained - i incorrectly assumed that the hashes refered to the source code repository instead of the public github. Then I did rpi-update and now the firmware is: ShiftPlusOne seems to believe that the official ones do: I would say, as a rule of thumbs, use rpi-update if you are helping test the firmware while investigating a potential bug, if you are working on a distro that doesn't keep the firmware up to date the important ones do.

Um ok which one is it; does the distro update firmware or it doesn't? But I don't think it's good practice to just run it all the time without even checking the commits on github. A recent example where rpi-update was a good idea was when some SD corruption fixes were pushed but the raspberrypi-bootloader package was 3 months out of date.

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By the way, the "vcgencmd version" hash seems to be different from the rpi-update git hash. Latest are currently c8edf7cebea3ed6bba00e4 and 3fbe8d8deb32d76efabf0d34f, respectively. Check latest available firmware hash via https: Samsung Firmware herausfinden und identifizieren. Mit dieser Anleitung könnt ihr die aktuell auf dem Gerät installierte Firmware herausfinden. Desweiteren ist es möglich das Alter der Firmware zu bestimmen. Wie finde ich die aktuell installierte Firmware heraus? Um die installierte Firmware herauszufinden muss nur einer dieser beiden Codes eingegeben werden: Zur Veranschauung zerlegen wir diese Firmware: Je höher diese Zahl, desto aktueller die Firmware.

The file weighs in at 1. However, it can take one week to several weeks, until the Android Nougat update is delivered to all Galaxy S6 smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Android Nougat update continues to roll out even as Samsung starts to roll out its highly anticipated Android 8. This particular Android 6. Not many topics keep Android users on their toes as much as big, feature-rich updates. Samsung has announced that Android 6.

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This software update has been tested to optimize device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches. For upgradable models, Samsung will make separate announcements on details of OS updates schedule for each market T-Mobile has recently released the android 6. Firmware download links and installation tutorials are given below. Thanks to a few devoted developers, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been enjoying the latest Marshmallow perks. The first thing that you will want to try is to restart your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy.

Get your smart phone updated by the Android 6. Samsung Electronics plan to provide the Android 6. It has been reported that Verizon has rolled out Android 6. The update has brought some changes, including adding of Amazon to full preload and inclusion of the Video Calling feature. And with the Android 8. Verizon updated the Galaxy S6 Edge to Android 5.

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Recently the device got the till date finalist android official firmware Android 6. Copy the Unikernel files in your PC.

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A recently leaked GeekBench report reveals that the Samsung company is in the process of an Android 6. Today we will see How to install Android 6. Following a series of rumors, roadmaps and betas, Android 6. Enable Developer Mode on the Galaxy S6 3. Samsung hat nun auch endlich in Deutschland die Ausrollung von Android 6. So i decided to downgrade from marshmallow 6. It features all the latest hardware like Exynos chip, which is a Octa-Core chip of Samsung, clock speed of 1. The company is rolling out the Android 7. This is what is currently known about the Android M Version 6.

Ich denke nicht Peter. Simply download the android 6. Make sure that you download in accordance with the model number that you have. The update is slowly rolling out to various models in various regions. The Android Marshmallow 6.

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Once one of the slowest to update its Android handsets, Samsung is leading the pack with Android 5. According to reports, the Android 7. A video of what is allegedly Android 6. The phone came out of the box with Android 5. The software upgrade has a patch level of November 1, , and it fixes Owners of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge purchased from Verizon in the U. Message 8 of 12 The top mobile Korean manufacturer Samsung has been updating its premium devices to the latest Android 6.

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With the introduction of Android 6. Samsung released a huge update to its former premium phones, the Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S6 Edge, taking it to Android 6. The update weighs in at MB, and includes Wi-Fi calling support.

Switch off your Mobile. January 11 — South Korea: A beta of Android 6. Galaxy S6 Android 5. If you were among the first wave of users who received the update, congrats! For others who cannot wait, we posted a simple tutorial to update the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to Marshmallow.

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Here we explain how to install this official firmware update on your device. Das Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6. Firmware details below is one of the Android 6. Galaxy S6 Fix Bluetooth. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have already received the update of Android 6. My software version is 5.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge owners, your week is starting off with a bang. The company is pushing the latest software update to its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. How to Downgrade to Android 5. The status bar and quick toggles menus now appear in white background colour instead of blue, power menu has been redesigned, while some app icons have slightly changed as well.

The latest Marshmallow with version 6. Gebruikers van de vorig jaar uitgebrachte Huawei P10 Lite en P8 krijgen toch een update naar Android 8. A beta form of the Android 6. Users have started receiving over-the-air notifications to update their Galaxy S6 GV to Android 6.